I was born in Krasnodar town in the very south of Russia. As a teenager I studied art in art school besides high school. After having graduated from the Faculty of Art of Krasnodar State University "summa cum laude" during 7 years I had taught an academical drawing and composition there.
I has been professionally engaged in painting since 1988 and participated in more than 100 exhibitions and Art fairs in different countries. My works are presented in private and public collections in  Russia, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Mexico, New Zealand, Greece, Monaco, China, Japan .
I like traveling, so I have moved in 1993 to Moscow and then, in 2003 in Prague. Here my husband and I opened our gallery, which has proceeded successfully for 15 years. It brought us a great and very interesting experience.
I like the nature. It inspires me bringing not only new colours but also helping to hear oneself better.
I like to read. This is my passion from childhood to now. 
I also like to dream up stories and find a visual expression for them.
I like to study foreign languages. My native language is Russian and of course I can express myself better in it. However, I speak English, Italian, French and Czech better or worse. 
I also love my profession because painting is capable of creating a Universal Language does not need to be translated.
I like to travel and I guess that Life is an Exiting Journey.
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