The artworks of Svetlana Kurmaz has been presented by the following galleries:
* “XPgallery”. Permanent exhibition. Prague, Czech Republic.
* “Le Siants"Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
* “M’Ars” Gallery & Museum. Moscow, Russia.
* “Vostochnaya” Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
* “Art Service Center” in New Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
* “Galerie Schortgen”. Luxembourg
* “Hay Hill” Gallery. London, UK
* CORTE-REAL Galeria. Portugal
* B-Art gallery. Vevey, Switzerland
* MOLBERT Gallery. St. Petersburg, Russia
* GALLERIE KELLERMANN , Dusseldorf, Germany 
  Centro Culturale di San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi), Italy
  GREAT BANYAN ART, New Delhi, India
   DEA ORH Gallery Prague, CZ
The artworks of Svetlana Kurmaz are presented in the following collections:
* Kovalenko Art Museum. Krasnodar, Russia.
* Exhibition Hall of Contemporary Art. Krasnodar, Russia.
* Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Moscow, Russia.
* Contemporary Art Museum of “M’Ars” Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
* “Art Chronika” Cultural Life Magazine. Moscow, Russia.
* “Vostochnaya” Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
* Publishing Hause “Krasny Matros”. St. Petersburg, Russia
* “Hay Hill” Gallery. London, UK.
* International Youth Centre Pirra. Florence, Italy.
* DTO Company. Munich, Germany.
* Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest Company. Berlin, Germany.
* General Motors Company. Moscow, Russia.
* "Price Waterhouse Coopers" Company. Moscow, Russia.
* St.Barnabas Church. London, UK
  Alain Fornieles , Paris, France
  Great Banyan Art, New Delhi, India
  Manoir de Moncé collection, France
  Dea Orh Gallery Prague, CZ
  XPgallery Fine Art collection, Prague, CZ
  Centro Culturale di San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi), Italy
* Private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Mexico, New Zeland, Greece, Monaco, China, Japan, India
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